The name is Jenny but you can consider Jen for short. I’m 22 years old, having fair skin, big eyes, pretty face and well developed boobs. In short, i’m any cock ever get erect on seeing me, and every guy desires to fuck me. The story goes with the first confession of my life. No one knows about my li’l awe intensed secret untill this very pointing time that you read. Be with me till the very last word and i’m telling you that you’ll gonna enjoy this piece of pleasure that I decided to share.
I do not know exactly what is running inside my mind when I agreed to have relationship with James. I think I fell in the trap of his guts. He is extremely handsome and he’s gifted with well figured biceps and panty creamer eight pack abs. I’m thinking, how such creature been created so perfectly?
As I said, no one knows about my kinky little secret. They used to see me as a very conservative person, a down to earth that even in dreams you would’nt dare to think can commit sins. And also, if I may say, they did’nt know either that in my age i’m not a virgin anymore.
A lot of boys wanted to court me but I did’nt pay much attention to anyone but to James, who always makes my pussy wet just by a glimpse of his juicy presence.
I can’t forget the day I first saw him. He was jogging along the park and I was sitted in a bench wasting my time waiting for the job interview early scheduled. He stopped in front of me then took a zip of water he brought.
Suddenly I caught my self staring to the bulge on his wet shirt, I was wondering how many abs he got there at first, ’till I count to eight. I was so attracted to him, I admire the way he built his body. Then when he saw my stares he asked me what was I looking at.
I was so shy that I can’t answer that very simple yet so mean question he thrown. I smiled a little and I don’t know where the fuck I pulled out those next words came directly out of my mouth. Out of nowhere I told him he was cute and kinda hot, then I fucking asked about his name.
O, I was then so nervous when he joined my seat. But it seemed so nice and good as he begun talking. Yes we had a talk, although not for long hours but enough to flaunt the interest between us. I really like a guy who have the guts and wit, just like any other girl, and I wish he was mine from that moment.
We swapped numbers and net accounts, we started chatting, talking cam to cam and i’m glad he’s single and we have the same league since he was just two years ahead. Not to mentioned his job and life status I fell in love for the first time of my life. I’m telling you he’s a man of every girl’s dream.
After a couple of weeks we met again. We started dating, and on our first dinner date he told me that he wanted to woo me. Being a jobless bread winner, I was frighten by those words ’cause I don’t want to disappoint my Mom who unfortunately depends on me.
I dont want to disappoint my Mom, but I either don’t want to lose James back then, so I decided to handle them both, I knew I can, don’t ask how, I just knew.
I answered the question thinking I fell in his trap again, I told James that if he likes me, just show me, he don’t need to court me because I already like him too. If he truly likes me, I truly like him too, hell fuck the fucking wooing drama.
The following day, I absolutely have a boyfriend. He invited me to go for a movie. Since it’s a secret and unliscence relationship, we go to a place where no one can identifies us. We go far somewhere. Good thing he borrowed wheels.
As we wacthed a certain movie he held my hand for the first time. He keeps on pressing my palm with his finger. Dang! It aroused me so sweet! It feels a little hot, hotter ’till he whimphered to my ear that he wanted to kiss me. Seemed like he is asking for permission.
Well at first I was taken by surprise, but i’m so in love that I can’t refuse, so I told him if he want to kiss me, then kiss me, he don’t need to get my consent, just fucking kiss me.
The next thing he do really touches my heart. I thought he was talking about my lips, but it’s my hand that he kissed, then he hug it and smiled at me. Dang, my pussy’s so wet…
I indulged his tease, so before our night has ended, I asked him to kiss me in my lips, I asked him to give me the first kiss of my life before we departed, and we end up passionately kissing french. Since then we kissed a lot whenever we meet. We’re torridly kissing with some tounge.
Then, his urge were increasing. We were kissing inside his hostel when he asked me to remove my top. He said he wants me to show my boobs to him. I was hesitant at first, but again I fell in his fucking trap. He pressed my boobs while we were kissing. It feels so fucking good that I did’nt notice I was already topless.
He kept pressing my breast with his warm palm while continiously kissing me. I was so horny that I can’t resist. I wanted to be naked, I wanted him to fuck me.
After unzipping, he pulled off my jeans and I helped him to save time. Until there’s nothing left but my cute pink panty. The feeling of being naked in front of a man really made me horny.
Then he began licking my pussy over my panty, and it fucking feels so good, my libido is rising and I’m totally out of my mind. I forgot my Mom and my worries, all I could think is fucking sex and James.
He then pushed me to the sofa next to us, he pulled off my undies and told me to spread my legs. I was shy to show him my pussy but there’s something itchy inside it which made me obeyed him.
He begun kissing my little tight pussy, and I wondered how can he lick such a place. He kept sucking my wet pussy until I cummed into his face. ‘O sorry, can’t help it!’ I apologised.
I can’t resist the thing that he’s doing to me, I’m so aroused and this is the first time I felt so horny, this is the first orgasm of my life.
He then asked me to do the doggy position. But before that I watched him undress, he removed his boxers and to my shock, it was so big. It was the first time I saw a manhood, he told me it was nine inches long and three and a half in girth. I was wondering how can it go in my vagina.
He told me to touch his penis first, so I faced him once again. I was sitted and he was standing. I was hesitant to touch his cock but another minute I was already holding it. It was hot. I can feel the lust in every touch.
I started playing with his penis, then he told me to put it inside my mouth. I hesitated but with his insistence I fucking licked his cock. It was a little salty but that was the taste that made me took his hard cock inside my mouth.
After he mouth-fucked me he finally told me to do the doggy position. I bended my back on the sofa and spread my legs. He then hold his cock and touched the top of it on my pussy. As a virgin it was difficult, so he spit to my vagina.
As I closed my eyes he gave me a push, then I screamed so loud. I told him to pull out his cock but he did’nt listen to me, instead he held me tight and gave another push. I screamed.
I almost fainted, it felt like there was a knife inside my pussy, but gradually I started enjoying it when he made his final push. His nine inches cock was completely inside my vagina.
He increased his speed, he fucked me faster but the pain was reduced and I was enjoying. I kept telling him to fucked me harder, fucked me more. And he did! He fucked me for almost two hours. He licked my ass, he licked my tits, we kissed again, with tounge so deep.
Then he cummed all over my face and mouth, I cleaned his cock with my tounge and I ate all his cummed, at first it felt like I’m vomitting but I managed to swallow it all.
That was the first time we had sex, but definitely not the last time. I always come to his place, and like we used to do, we kissed, he licked my tits, he kissed my pussy and he always fucked me each time we meet. Since we meet everyday, he fucked me everyday, and I love it. I’m in love with his nine inches cock.
He told me once that he wanted to fucked my ass. I said no! He can’t forced me! And that was the day we broke up. I realized it was not love, and I’m tired of lies.
Nobody knows what happened between me and James. I did’nt tell to anybody, even to my closest friend. It was like a dream. This story is my deepest secret.
Now I’m married with another man, blessed with two little cute kids. I just wish that one day my husband could reach this and read every single word in it. I’m sorry Honey, I lied to you. You are not my first time, I was not a virgin when you got me.
Until now I’m still wondering if you really did’nt notice it on our honeymoon, or maybe you knew it but you really just don’t care. I love you Honey, that’s why I fucking confessed.
Credit: Itim na Nobela